Case Study: Dentist Gets 45 Reviews In 30 Days

It's been over a year since we last updated the case study for our client LifeCare Dental. Follow the progress they've made using Review Dingo to improve their online reputation and discover their unique customer journey of past and present successes (including some trial and error).

Learn how they were able to get 45 positive Google online reviews in just 30 days!  It's important to note that even though this case study was done for a dental practice, similar results can be had for any type of business when using a reputation management service.

Update: We have created a new module that integrates with 90% of practice management software like Dentrix, EagleSoft, and Open Dental to fully automate your reputation management.

Lifecare Dental case study

Before I jump into this case study I must say that the staff at LifeCare Dental are wonderful people to deal with as they have created a fun working environment. Here they're doing Thai Chi or some kind of group exercise perhaps to increase work performance.

But whatever they're doing, they're doing something right at LifeCare Dental because today they are the largest, most reputable dental practice in Western Australia.

They started out over 30 years ago providing 7-day week dental services in Perth and Western Australia. Alex Negoescu, the Principal Dental Surgeon is well respected throughout Australia and has been practicing himself for over 35 years.

Lifecare Dental case study staff

Before They Started

They came to us in March 2015 with a need to improve their customer service and Google star rating which was slipping. It's not that they were doing a bad job, far from it as customer service is a top priority for them. It's just a fact that it's harder to get patients to give positive reviews when things go well. But it's super easy for patients to leave negative reviews when things go the slightest bit wrong.

Lifecare Dental case study in March 2017

We told them not to worry because this is something that all businesses face. Without a process in place to alert them if and when something goes wrong, it will not create an opportunity to resolve an issue with an unhappy patient. If patient issues are not resolved quickly, it can damage their online reputation.

After watching our video and discussing their needs, they agreed to start using our reputation management software straight away to send email feedback requests to every patient they treated. At the time they had a total of 67 reviews with a 3.7 Google score as shown here at their Forrest Chase location.

After 30 Days

This case study shows that after 30 days of using our review management software, they received 19 positive reviews which changed their low 3.7 Google score to a credible 4.0 which was rapidly rising as seen in the photo here.

Also, they didn't receive any negative reviews during this time due to our patented funnel process which gave them the ability to quickly reach out to their patients and resolve any complaints before any online damage occurred.

These are excellent results but they could have been even better if they had fewer reviews before they started using our service. You see, the more reviews a business has, the longer it will take for their star rating to increase (or decrease) because review sites use averages to adjust their star ratings.

Lifecare Dental case study April 2015

That's why it's important for businesses to use a review management service to achieve 5-star ratings on major review sites ASAP because the more reviews they have the harder it is to adjust the star rating.

As I mentioned earlier, LifeCare Dental has always put huge importance on customer experience and has trained staff in place to handle their customer service. I believe this is what has made them so successful and a leader in the dental industry.

As a result of using our reputation service, they experienced more opportunities to engage with their patients than ever before. Their past efforts were mainly focused on damage control after discovering negative reviews posted on a major or industry-related review site.

Now they are being notified through our system when internal feedback requests are submitted preventing damage to their online reputation. 

Also, thanks to our software's monitoring feature, they were able to instantly receive positive feedback from internal surveys and online reviews sites so they could quickly reach out and thank their patients in real-time.

They soon realized that our reputation management software gave them an improved customer service environment that created new processes for initiating, receiving, and handling patient feedback.

Case Study Update

Lifecare Dental case study August 2017

At the time this case study was updated, they achieved a 4.5 Google score with 273 reviews. In fact, they now have one of the highest amounts of Google reviews of all dentists in Australia!

That's impressive results within a relatively short period of time but about a year ago something happened that changed everything... Review Dingo's ability to send SMS text message feedback requests.

This was a major improvement that increased the amount of feedback they received by up to 90 percent. It was a real game-changer that gave them 45 positive online reviews on Google in just 30 days.

This makes sense as research by Hubspot and Pew Research Center proves that text messages get 99% open rates and 36% click-through rates compared to email which only gets 28-33% open rates and 6-7% click-through rates.

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Case Study Shows 45 Reviews in Just 30-Days! 

As I explained, LifeCare Dental received 45 positive reviews (all 5-star reviews BTW) from real patients within 30 days of trialing our new SMS text messaging feature. In fact, they received more than 30% of all their online reviews over the 30 day trial period than they had received in an entire year of using our service with the email sending method.

Most of our clients now use SMS text messaging to send their feedback requests due to its effectiveness in getting their patients to post online reviews.

Unfortunately, LifeCare Dental had a unique situation that related to their time zone and at the time our software's inability to set a delivery time for a second mandatory follow up text message.

Lifecare-Dental case study sms text messaging

There was no problem with the initial text message that was sent out immediately when their patients were entered into the system. However, the follow up text message was sent out at 12 pm EST (noon) which in Perth Australia was late at night.

This caused a couple of complaints, so understandably they decided to turn the SMS Feature off but are eager to turn it back on when a fix is in place. 

We do have a planned fix to correct this when our next major update is released which is coming soon. The good news is our clients in the rest of Australia, the United States and other parts of the world will not experience this time zone issue.

Case Study Shows Ranking For Top Keywords

This case study shows that LifeCare Dental gained a large number of positive reviews from using our service within the first year. As a result, they reached the #1 position in both the Google 3-pack and the organic search results for the phrase 'Perth dentist', the most popular keyword that potential patients use when searching online for dentists in Perth.

It would take too long for this case study to point out the many benefits LifeCare Dental enjoys from being ranked #1 in Google's search results. But I can tell you a little secret about how they got there... getting loads of positive reviews from real patients.

You see, major review sites like Google and Facebook treat positive online reviews as fresh powerful content used to lead their visitors to trusted local businesses, providing them with a great online experience.

Lifecare Dental case study search results

This is why they put so much emphasis on positive reviews and star ratings when determining where to rank businesses in the local search results.

LifeCare Dental found that our review management service gives them a competitive advantage by rapidly increasing their positive reviews and holding back negative ones which quickly drove their business to the top of Google's search results.

This clearly shows that large amounts of positive reviews coupled with a high star rating has a huge impact on local SEO.

This wraps up our case study for LifeCare Dental. Hopefully, you've discovered something new here that can help your business improve its online reputation and local SEO.

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