Increase Website Conversion with Live Social Proof

Are you looking for a way to increase your website's credibility and trust among visitors?

Do you want to turn those visitors into buyers and boost your revenue generation?

With Review Dingo Social Proof, you can showcase real-time notifications to visitors, demonstrating that other people are buying and reviewing your products or services. 

graphic showing social proof notification that Ryan booked a massage

High-value low cost

At Review Dingo, we offer high-value revenue generation through our social proof marketing app, with a low barrier to entry. 

With over 55 integrations and constantly adding new features, we provide a top-notch product with world-class support.

Our app uses the power of trust-based marketing to turn website visitors into leads by showcasing live notifications of other people buying and reviewing your products or services. 

This helps increase your credibility and trust, encouraging other visitors to take similar actions.

Social proof marketing

Our Social Proof marketing solution is trusted by 16,613 websites for lead and revenue generation.

Our app can be easily install it on your website and send real-time notifications to your visitors. 

social proof popup showing a customer's 5-star review

Customize the notifications to match your site design and increase conversions in minutes.

With 30+ adjustable controls and insights to analyze performance, you can become a data-driven marketer and use consumer trust to your advantage.

Key features

Key features of our app include:

  • Customizable notifications with unlimited permutations
  • Built-in themes and custom builder
  • Geo-location targeting and translation in 29 languages
  • Integration with WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, Mailchimp, and more
  • Analytics and reporting with Scorecard or Google Analytics
    Public API for developers


Our app is designed for entrepreneurs, ecommerce stores, small to medium-sized businesses, marketers, and anyone looking to increase website conversions. 

Start increasing your credibility and trust today with Review Dingo Social Proof. Try it now and see the results for yourself.

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