Boost Real Estate Sales With Powerful Technology

Are you looking for a service to help take your real estate business to the next level? 

Look no further than Review Dingo. Review Dingo is designed to help real estate agents manage client interactions, collect feedback, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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Customer experience

With Review Dingo, you can start growing your business and delivering great customer experiences right away.

Over 100,000 businesses trust Review Dingo to help them manage their customer interactions.

From Century 21 to JC Penny Reality, top real estate agencies use Review Dingo's platform to provide exceptional experiences for their clients.

Sell properties faster 

Sell properties faster with Review Dingo's Livechat

Answer client questions and engage with website visitors with Webchat, and let our chatbot help you answer standard questions automatically. 

Use Messaging to sell more houses than your competitors by responding to client queries in real-time. 

woman realtor at door selling properties faster with webchat

Show the world that you're the best realtor in the area with client reviews.

With Reviews, you can automatically send a review request to your clients the moment the sale is finalized, and view and respond to reviews from all over the internet in one place. 

With Referrals, you can turn happy clients into ambassadors, and take advantage of modern-day word of mouth marketing.

Get found with Pages

Engage and convert clients at the start of their journey with Review Dingo's Pages

Create beautiful, easily-found custom pages for every agent that are updated in moments through one API.

Let clients search by zip code and location to find the nearest agent.

Gauge clients' satisfaction

getting referrals for real estate agents

Surveys can provide valuable insight into the customer experience throughout the buying process.

With the ability to send both online and two-way text surveys, real estate agents can gauge their clients' overall satisfaction with their services. 

This information can then be used to make improvements and enhance the customer experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Communicate on-the-go

Set up an instant virtual property tour with Review Dingo's Video Chat

Show off properties with HD-quality video, and instantly meet with clients over video with the click of a button. Works on any device, with no download required.

With Review Dingo, you can manage your clients on-the-go with Review Dingo's mobile app.

Collect reviews and respond to client messages even while you're on the way to an open house.

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Get started today!

Review Dingo provides real estate agents with a comprehensive solution to help them sell properties faster and stay connected with clients.

From messaging and reviews, to referrals and custom pages, Review Dingo has everything you need to provide exceptional customer experiences.

With over 100,000 businesses using Review Dingo's platform every day, it has proven to be an effective tool for top real estate agencies.

Start growing your business today with Review Dingo.

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