Streamline Your Support System with Ticketing

Welcome to Review Dingo Ticketing - Your Solution for Effective Customer Support!

Are you tired of missing out on important customer support issues, or struggling to keep track of tickets and resolve issues in a timely manner? Review Dingo Ticketing is here to help.

Our service is designed to convert reviews, social mentions, and survey responses into support tickets, so you can address customer issues proactively and improve customer satisfaction.

create ticketing option for a negative customer review

Proactive issue management

With Review Dingo Ticketing, you can solve issues before they escalate, taking collaborative action on reviews, social comments, and survey responses.

Customers in need of support often don’t reach out directly, but with our service, you can address their concerns and reduce churn, converting detractors and decreasing call center load.

Streamlined issue resolution

Our service streamlines issue management and resolution, assigning every ticket to a specific employee to avoid confusion about who should be working on which ticket.

You can also filter tickets based on specific properties, so the most important tickets are front and center.

Our support ticket system sends automatic alerts for ticket updates, so you can track ticket resolution every step of the way.

Ticketing auto-creation

screenshot of auto-ticketing

Our service automatically creates tickets based on custom criteria such as review rating or keyword, and auto-assigns these tickets to specific employees.

This helps reduce issue resolution time and creates visibility across your organization, ensuring customer issues are addressed fast.

Internal collaboration

Review Dingo Ticketing provides activity logs for all tickets, allowing you to view all comments and status changes for each ticket, keeping everyone on the same page.

With custom ticket views based on location, status, owner, and time period, you can easily navigate and prioritize tickets across your organization.

Existing support systems integration

Our help desk software integrates seamlessly with other platforms such as Salesforce or Zendesk, so you can manage all your support tickets from all channels in one place.

This eliminates the need for multiple systems and simplifies your customer support process.


In conclusion, Review Dingo Ticketing is the ideal solution for all your customer support needs.

We provide a comprehensive and streamlined service that helps you address customer issues proactively, resolve them efficiently, and improve customer satisfaction.

Try our service today and take the first step towards a better customer support experience!

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