Transform Your Business with Data-Driven Insights

Review Dingo Insights is an advanced customer feedback analysis tool designed to help businesses gain valuable insights from customer feedback and survey scores. 

With our Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, you can uncover the root cause of problems and drive action from executives down to the frontlines. 

Our NLP engine humanizes big data, making it easy to understand customer sentiments expressed in feedback and improve operations at both the location and corporate level.

Review Dingo Insights from data-driven customer feedback

Customer feedback analysis

Review Dingo Insights provides a comprehensive view of customer feedback, allowing you to analyze insights from reviews, social media, and surveys in one place.

With our service, you can easily group relevant keywords into custom categories to measure different areas of your business. Our sub-categories help you refine customer feedback insights even further.

You can also view sentiment trends by topic, zoom in on specific keywords and adjectives, and put customer feedback in context with verbatim snippets from review text.

Data-driven improvements

Review Dingo Insights empowers businesses to make data-driven improvements by providing actionable insights from customer feedback.

Our tool allows you to customize insights to fit your priorities, and compare performance across locations.

This enables you to identify your highest and lowest performers and drive improvements where it matters most.

Machine learning insights

Our AI-powered machine learning capabilities allow you to refine and enhance your insights. 

graphic showing top keywords gathered from machine learning insights

You can teach our AI to track topics and keywords that you value by changing topics and keywords to positive or negative, or by adding new topics and keywords you want to track.

This helps ensure that you always have the most relevant and up-to-date insights for your business.


Review Dingo Insights is the ultimate tool for businesses looking to gain valuable insights from customer feedback and drive improvements.

With our NLP engine, machine learning capabilities, and data-driven insights, you can gain a comprehensive view of your customers' experiences and make informed decisions that drive success.

Start your journey towards a more customer-centric business today with Review Dingo Insights.

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