Maximizing Your Legal Practice's Online Reputation

The legal industry is highly competitive, and in order to stand out, lawyers must strive to provide their clients with the best possible experience. 

three lawyers at a legal firm using a laptop to check their online reputation

Reviews can play a crucial role in establishing a positive reputation for a legal firm, and that's where Review Dingo comes in.

Review Dingo helps lawyers boost their reputation and increase credibility through unbeatable client experience.

Start growing with Review Dingo

Review Dingo provides lawyers with the tools they need to understand and improve client experience.

With Review Dingo, you can grow your reviews and increase your credibility on the sites that matter most to your legal practice, such as Google, Facebook, Avvo, BBB, and

Faster response time = better client experience

Review Dingo Messaging is a central hub for managing client messages, lawyers will never miss another message from their clients. 

Respond to your clients in record time and provide them with a better client experience.

screenshot of legal team's message

Cut through the noise with texting

Boost engagement through the power of business texting. Mass texting, survey requests, and review reminders can be sent effortlessly through the Review Dingo Inbox.

Win new clients through Referrals

two men referring a law firm to their friends and family

Referrals are a valuable source of new business for any company, and especially for law firms.

They are a powerful marketing tool because they come from a trusted source – happy clients who have already experienced the quality of your services.

Review Dingo Referrals makes it easy for lawyers to turn these happy clients into ambassadors for their business. 

Customers can refer their friends and family to your business through their preferred platform with just a few clicks.

Communicate with online chat

With Review Dingo's Livechat and Chatbot, your website visitors can chat with you in real time. You can answer more queries and convert website visitors into new clients with ease.

Make a strong first impression

The client journey starts from the moment they first encounter your law firm online.

That's why it's important to make a strong first impression and provide a seamless and engaging experience from the very beginning.

With Review Dingo Pages, you can do just that by creating beautiful, custom pages for every lawyer in your firm.

Each page can be easily updated in moments through one API. 

lawyer on laptop checking out his legal team's custom pages

This gives you complete control over the information your clients see. And with the ability to search by zip code and location, it's simple for clients to find the nearest lawyer to them.

Boost your legal practice's SEO

Review Dingo gives you the tools to show up high in relevant search results.

With new reviews and Review Dingo's SEO-optimized custom profiles, you can outshine the competition and become the obvious choice.

Measure experience with Surveys

woman taking a survey that ends with a review

Review Dingo offers lawyers a powerful tool for measuring their clients' experiences at every stage of their journey, from the initial point of contact to follow-up. 

With Review Dingo Surveys, lawyers can gather valuable feedback from their clients to better understand their needs and preferences, and make improvements that will lead to a more positive and memorable experience. 

Whether it's through in-person surveys, online questionnaires, or automated text and email campaigns, Review Dingo provides lawyers with a comprehensive solution for measuring and improving their clients' experiences.

Anywhere mobile app

The Review Dingo mobile app allows lawyers to keep up with their client interactions, even when working from home or on-the-go.

Your client interaction history is stored for you to effortlessly pick up conversations where they left off.

Get started with Review Dingo

Review Dingo provides lawyers with the tools they need to improve their clients' experiences and boost their reputation.

With its central hub for managing customer messages, the ability to win new clients through referrals, and SEO-optimized custom profiles, Review Dingo is the solution that lawyers need to establish a positive reputation and increase their credibility in the highly competitive legal industry.

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