Improving Employee Engagement With 10 Simple Questions

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Employee engagement is absolutely key to a successful business. If your employees are not engaged, and fully supporting the actions, goals, and visions of the company, then who is?

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They should be the ones championing the way that your business works, and if they are dissatisfied or even just completely apathetic, then they will not be actively seeking change that can better your company.

The best way to ensure employee engagement is making sure that they are just as invested in the way that your company operates as you are.


Employee Engagement with 10 Simple Questions

Address employees with some simple questions. They shouldn’t take too much time to think over, but they can often spark a new way of thinking:

  • What do you want to discuss at the next meeting and why?
  • What action do you do each week to ensure that your working day is enhanced?
  • Which thing about your working day do you look forward to the most?
  • If you were in charge, what one thing about your job would you change?
  • Share with me a story that shows how we are a great place to work.
  • What has inspired you to be here?
  • What is it about our company culture that you most love?
  • Tell me about a time when we lived out our company vision.
  • If the CEO was sitting here, what one question would you ask them?
  • What would you suggest to improve the company today?

Employee engagement doesn’t necessarily mean long complicated meetings – just by going over a few of these with your employees should mean that you see a marked difference in the way that they approach their work.

Doing this over time will ensure that any apathy that creeps in disappears, and you will see your employee engagement soar. If you want a great way to visualize this, check out this website.

Here’s an info-graphic to help you improve your employee engagement:

blue info-graphic about employee engagement

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