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If you and your business hope for free, organic traffic first page Google ranking is a necessity. Infront Webworks conducted a research which showed that the first page of Google results receive about 95% of the traffic flowing through the search engine.

keyword review for SEO

There is no shortcut, a magic button that will launch you to the first page on Google. It takes time, dedication and an SEO plan. In this article I will explain how you can utilize one of the key concepts of SEO, keyword reviews.

How Reviews Work

Reviews are powerful tool, and they will boost your sales, but in an addition they will boost your SEO. Review signals, meaning review quantity, quality and diversity are in the top five metrics that search engine’s algorithm picks on while scrapping your page.

You can utilize keyword review tools to see how you rank and for which keywords you can go higher up the ladder. Utilization of Schema Markup will “notify” Google to index your reviews and to utilize this you need to embed a HTML code on your page.

How SEO Works

One of the first concepts of SEO is to add keywords to your page. It doesn’t matter if you have a team of developers coding your website and inserting the keywords into the HTML, or you have a WordPress website. There are plug-ins on every website building platform that will help you manage those keywords.

Google’s algorithm, as the biggest Search Engine currently, is “evolving” daily. This means that they update and improve the algorithm virtually all the time.

Google’s and for that matter, every other search engine, crawls / scraps your website through the code and collects data. The reviews are present in the code of your website, and if the review contains a keyword that you are trying to rank for, the search engine will pick it up and boost your ranking.

Naturally, you should include the keywords in your text, but do not overuse it. Ask for a review, and “guide” your customers or clients to the review section. The chances that a person will include at least one of the keywords you hope to rank for is pretty high. Especially if you have a keyword included in the name of the item or service.

About Google Rankings

Google picks up on a few Ranking Factors:

  • Number of Google Maps reviews that include text.
  • Quantity of reviews inside your page.
  • Overall volume of reviews.
  • Keywords utilized in the reviews.
  • Authority of the websites that backlink to you via a review.
  • Diversity of websites you are featured in a review.

You can further boost this by responding to reviews, and making sure to include your keywords.

How to Get Keywords in Your Review Section?

 The main idea of utilization of the reviews section for SEO purposes is to get your clients or customers to leave a keyword in their reviews.


  • Ask the right question – When you write your product description be in the mind of your client, and subtly ask them to leave a review. The wording is important as you want the answer to contain a keyword you are trying to rank. Mention the keywords you want used a few times in your text and people will frequently use them in their review.
  • Respond to the reviews – As I mentioned, Google picks up on volume and quality of reviews. If you answer a review, finish it with a quality worded question. You might get a follow up that will contain the desired question.
  • Use leading words - What was your favorite part of ___? Did you enjoy ___? Enter keywords of items or services your business offers to get people to cite those words and their experience.
  • Choose targeted keywords - Choose one or two target keywords that aligns with your website keywords. For example, you want to be the hotel with the best brunch. Ask "How was Brunch"? and users will frequently cite the word "Brunch" in their review, improving your SEO hits for hotel and brunch.


In conclusion, we know that reviews have huge impact, but they can further improve your SEO and Search Engine Ranking. SEO is a tricky marketing strategy.

If you have the budget it is a good idea to hire a professional. When gathering keyword reviews there are a few tricks you can use from just getting good reviews to making them great for your site. Try a few and let us know how it goes!

Last Updated on March 29, 2023 by Allen

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