5 Tips to Get Authentic, Positive Online Reviews for your Business

Have you ever found yourself checking the Internet for positive online reviews of a restaurant before dining out? Unless you’re going to your staple favorite restaurant or have only one choice, you would agree.

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While online positive reviews play a critical role in our lives, from helping us decide which hotel to stay during a trip using TripAdvisor to the right stores to buy swimwear using Google Maps, it won’t be wrong to say that in this digital age, they practically decide the fate of all kinds of businesses.

This article talks about all the many ways your business can acquire authentic and positive online reviews from your customers and maintain a positive image of your brand. The following are five tips to capture more positive online reviews from your customer base:

1. Review Your Existing 'Reviews'

It is nearly impossible for you to acquire positive online reviews if there aren't any happy customers to write them. Your first step is to look at the reviews that you already have, discover your businesses strengths, and resolve issues your existing customers have.

2. Establish a Web Presence

Considering how vocal our generation has become online, it is essential to have accounts on social media networks.

By setting up an account on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites, your business can engage its target audience and encourage them to share their thoughts and opinions on your products and services as soon as they have a noteworthy experience.

3. Take Note of Bad Reviews without Any Delays

The key to ensuring a constant flow of authentic yet positive online reviews is to look for bad reviews.

You should assess the matter, thank the customer for their concern, and try to correct the bad experience. Many customers often go back to their negative review and update it, once the issue has been resolved.

4. Invest in a Reputation Management System

A reputation management system prevents bad reviews and uses your existing CRM to contact your customers to acquire positive reviews.

Some software, such as Review Dingo, also allows a user to be redirected from a review site if they are leaving a bad review to contact you instead so you can try to solve the users issue before the bad review scars your online reputation.

5. Reach Out To Your Customers

There is nothing more strategic than reaching out to your customers before they've had a chance to review your business.

It is not recommended that you bombard your customers with daily emails reminding them that you exist. Instead, you should reach out to them and ask about their experience with your business.


Although these tips will help your business garner positive online reviews, you should keep in mind that acquiring online reviews is a game based on numbers - the higher the number of reviews that you get, the greater the chances of you getting a negative review.

Having said that, it is recommended that you focus on capturing positive reviews and addressing the negative ones immediately. In addition, integrate a reputation management system in your marketing strategy.

Last Updated on March 29, 2023 by Allen

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