5 Ways to Manage Reviews for a Dental Practice

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5 Ways to Manage Reviews for a Pediatric Dental Practice

Why is it important to manage reviews? Business owners tend to forget that it takes one negative review to make or break their reputation. Dentists are no different. Positive online dentist reviews might encourage other people to visit your dental practice, while negative reviews might make you lose even your existing clientele.

To illustrate why it’s important for any dental practice to take online reviews seriously enough to manage reviews, consider these stats:

  • Around 90% of consumers say that they rely on online reviews for choosing local businesses. – Source
  • 77% of surveyed consumers say that they use online reviews as a first step to finding a new medical practice. – Source

Positive patient testimonials can ensure a steady flow of patients. Here are five ways that can help you manage and deal with online dentist reviews better:

1.  Preventing Bad Reviews

Like it or not, your dental practice will be affected by negative online dentist reviews. So make sure that there isn’t a need for a patient to leave one.

How? Train your staff to identify frustrated patients and diffuse anger before it turns into a negative review.

You can also use reputation management software to manage reviews, like Review Dingo, to monitor what people are saying about your practice online. Use the data to improve your services and spare yourself from the trouble of having to deal with the bad reputation.

Online reputation management software, like Review Dingo, can catch a bad review before its posted. Instead of posting the negative review, the customer is re-directed to contact the office to find a resolution to their issue which gives you a second chance to improve the customer experience and avoid a negative review.

2.  Improving your SEO Score and Google Ranking

Why is SEO and Google Ranking important? When searching for a new dentist or trying to find more information about a specific practice, most customers won’t look past the first page of a web search. It is very important for a business to come up high on the list. This is also a key area where patients can find other practices higher rated and be swayed to use a different service than the one they were originally seeking.

Consider the “local 3-pack” view in the map area on Google for location-based listings. It displays up to three local listings. Many people look no farther than these 3 listings so it is ideal to make this rank.

Online dentist reviews from your Google My Business page can also appear as local pack snippets. Consider Review Dingo, which improves your SEO score and local ranking from positive reviews so that you don’t have to.

3.  Don’t Miss out on Positive Reviews

People are more motivated to leave a negative review than a positive one. So, the best way to manage your practice’s reputation is to make the most out of the good things parents are already saying about you and your business.

With Review Dingo, it cues patients to leave a review. This encourages them to leave feedback which might otherwise have been forgotten. You can also view the most recent reviews for your dental practice all in one place on the platform to monitor customer feedback.

4.  Integrate with Current CRM

I don’t want another software that is time-consuming. We get it!
Review Dingo reputation management solution offers easy integration into most dental CRM systems. Just set up the software and let it run. This way, you keep getting reviews from existing patients without having to reinvent the wheel, train employees, or pay for software data input.

5.  Use Reputable Software to Manage Reviews

At the end of the day, managing your online reputation is easy with the right tools to manage reviews. Choose software that gives you full visibility about what people say about your practice without tedious up-keep. Additionally, make sure that it comes with a respectable money-back guarantee so that you can thoroughly test the product and make sure it is a fit for your business.

Review Dingo, for example, offers a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 30 days.

With patients relying more and more on online platforms to choose dental practices, it has become essential to pay attention to your online reputation and manage reviews. Choose a tool that will save you time, money, and expand your practice! 

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