How to Respond to Positive Reviews

There is nothing more gratifying than receiving a good review. It means that you have delivered a good service and fulfilled your main purpose – customer satisfaction. For all intents and purposes, your work should be done, but have you ever asked yourself if you should respond to positive reviews?

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Yes, you should. Keep in mind, getting positive reviews doesn’t only have to be a goal – it can be an opportunity, too. Stats show that 72 percent say that positive reviews make them trust a business more.

In this post, let’s see how companies can respond to positive reviews and make them work to their advantage.

Reinforcing the Positive

Stats show that it takes 12 positive customer experiences to make up for one negative experience. So, every positive experience should be milked for all it’s worth. To make a good review work in your favor, reinforce the experience in your response, instead of just a simple ‘thank you’. 

For example, if a customer enjoyed their stay in your hotel, mention your hotel by name and the service(s) the customer enjoyed. This way, you create a buzz about both your brand and the services it offers.

Ask for a Chance to Do Better

It’s not only negative reviews that should give you an incentive to do better. Even a positive review can serve as an opportunity to improve. A response that asks what you can do to make the experience better for the reviewer reaffirms the positive experience and keeps the feedback loop going. Here is how you can respond to a glowing review praising the customer service of a resort:

“Thank you for the review, Helen. We are glad the service was up to your expectations. Please let us know what we can do to make (name of the resort) an even better retreat for you.”

Speed Matters

Responding immediately accomplishes two goals:

  1. It shows the customer you care enough about them
  2. It boosts your brand image

Therefore, if you want to respond to positive reviews and make the tactic work, you have to be quick about it. A response several months down the line isn’t going to have the desired effect. Plus, it will make your brand look lazy and careless.

Keep in mind that timely responses make customers feel appreciated. Such customers are also likely to recommend your brand to others.

Use the Right Tools

Review websites, like Yelp and TripAdvisor, let you know who your cheerleaders are. So do the social media websites where your brand has a presence. However, it’s harder to monitor what people are saying about you on websites that have an incredibly large user base, like Facebook unless you're using the right tools.

Invite Reviewers to Take Action

If you really want to maximize the effects of positive reviews, invite the reviewer to take action. For example, a good review can serve as an opportunity to improve your online presence. You can include a small CTA (Call to Action) in your response that asks the reviewer to mention your brand on social media or recommend your services to their friends.


Responding to positive reviews is an important aspect of customer satisfaction that businesses should not overlook. Positive reviews can be used as opportunities to reinforce the positive experiences of customers, ask for a chance to do better, and invite reviewers to take action that can further benefit the brand.

Speedy and personalized responses using the right tools can also go a long way in enhancing brand image and customer loyalty. By implementing these strategies, businesses can leverage the power of positive reviews to their advantage and improve their overall reputation.

Last Updated on April 4, 2023 by Allen

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