Audit and Repair Your Review Profiles

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Knowing which of the review sites is important for your business is definitely a priority, but you also need to focus on the accuracy of your reviews. Many times, review sites will make it easy for you to customize your profile as much as possible. You will need to take full advantage of this unique feature as soon as possible if you want to promote your business in a professional manner.


Create a Profile on All Important Review Sites

Image showing how to claim your profileEach of the review sites will come with a specific process when it comes to claiming your profile, but most of the time this is fairly easy to figure out.

You need to find links such as “Claim this Page” or “Is this your business” in order to pursue the claiming process. Most of the time, you will also have to verify the fact that you actually own the said business. The process might include a postcard that’s mailed to you or a phone verification.

Once verification is performed and the site is claimed, you’ll be able to further customize your profile and manage it in any way you want. Remember to do this with as many important review sites as possible because this will give you greater exposure for your company.


Make Sure That all Info is Correct

It can be very easy to miss a few things or complete them incorrectly when you complete review profiles. This is why it’s crucial to always double check the information you enter about your business on each of the sites that you have a profile! Things like website link, open hours, phone number, business address, business name and so on, all of them must be correctly placed there and if they aren’t, try to fix them as fast as possible. Sometimes you might also be able to include extra information, so use that to your advantage and it’s best to do it as soon as you can.


Upload Images and Other Extras

Image showing uploading images to your profile


Often, extras can be added on these sites, in fact, some actually support the addition of a custom blurb as well as references about your business.

When you add any type of content, be it images or anything similar, be certain that you use professional looking content as this will make the right impression with potential customers.

If the images and content you post are appealing, then the experience will be a lot better for the end user.



These are the most important steps that you need to pursue in order to make catchy, stellar review profiles. Remember that having a professional profile is very important, so always add in professionally designed content and modify it to include the right information if you made any mistakes. Do that, and it will be a lot easier to connect with the audience and achieve the results you want!

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