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Although many companies are now focused on using global search, the reality is that searching locally can bring in an immense potential, especially if you want to focus on the clients in your city rather than opting for a worldwide approach. What makes local search very important is the fact that they can provide you with a much better revenue margin and an easier way to create a local audience for your products or services.


Understanding local search

What is local search?

You can see local search as being the use of reputable internet search engines which enable you to submit a multitude of geographically constrained searches against a structured database including local business listings.


Aside from the name of a local establishment or business, local searches are also characterized by talking about a specific location, and since more than 40% of the entire Google searches are local in nature, you do need to take advantage of this right away!

Most of the time, local search can help your business acquire a massive exposure in the local area. While most businesses want a local approach, with the help of local searches any company has the opportunity to seamlessly connect and interact with the local audience without having to spend a lot of money doing so.


Are There Ranking Factors for Local Searches?

Most of the local search engines are focused on creating and updating their own algorithms based on the popularity of the company, number of hits and so on. At the same time, things like the amount of information provided by that said business will also make a difference as well, so it’s important to add the phone number, business address as well as other info. Many search engines like this also include the ability to link your local business with specific directories that will bring in even more exposure for your business. You can also opt for private label or social local search, depending on the situation!


The Most Important Types of Local Search


Local search and category search online

Category search

One of the most widely encountered local searches is definitely category search. Things like auto dealers, dentists  and so on are category searches, and these are performed either via desktop or PC, which means that you have to optimize your site for both. Also, you do need to be local, because many times people add things like “in X area”, which narrows things down for them. If you’re not included in the local search, then you just can’t compete with the other similar companies and gain the customer, that’s what makes the category search very important.

Memory Refresher

Since some customers are using their devices to find out about places where they were before, it’s always a good idea to add in some geographical information about your company, because this will make your business easier to find if the users are searching based on location.

Direction Finding

Getting directions with local search onlineSome other situations find the user looking for directions towards your business because they forgot your location. Optimizing your site and adding in maps towards your physical business is a very good idea, and something that will help you a lot.

Window Shopping

If the user is on the fence before entering your place of business, then they will enter online. Not having a site will make your business seem suspicious, and that’s how you can lose clients. This is the reason why focusing on local search is imperative if you want to obtain a great exposure and increase the profitability of your business!


In conclusion, with the help of local search you can easily acquire the necessary exposure for your business and, at the same time, you will have the unique opportunity to fully optimize your brand. This is a stellar way to breathe new life into your business, so you should definitely try it out.

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