How To Get 100 Reviews In 100 Days

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How To Get 100 Reviews In 100 Days :15 Tips to get tons of great reviews!

How to get 100 reviews in 100 days

The increasing number of businesses and companies who fail to deliver what their clients need has made customers to always look for social proof when they are searching for dependable products and services to invest their money into. Therefore, customers who give reviews, feedbacks and referrals help give your business the trust prospective customers, checking your website, wants. Below are ways you can generate 100 Reviews in 100 days and drive traffic to your website!

15 Point Cheat Sheet to Generate Tons of Reviews, Drive Traffic and Increase Sales

When customers post positive reviews online, this shows that they have taken the time to appreciate your product or service. These points are guaranteed to help you generate new reviews and help your business grow to your satisfaction.

  1. Teach Employees How To Get Positive Reviews

A customer’s feedback is a great necessity for the survival and growth of a business. Proper training of employees on how to get quality feedbacks for your business matters a lot to the company. An essential step which has been neglected in the training of employees is about how to get positive reviews about the company, as well as making them leave positive reviews on online sites that matter to the business. Check out our post on asking for customer reviews.

  1. Encourage Customers To Leave Feedbacks On Top Review Sites

Immediately after the performance of a certain service or transaction, you can ask customers for reviews who are happy and thoroughly satisfied with the service you have offered to them. Remind your customers about how important they are and how you would appreciate them leaving positive reviews. Present your costumers fast and easy processes on different ways to leave a review on your page.

  1. Create A Way To Get Feedback From Customers

Create different ways to let your customers express how they feel about your business. To be careful about negative comments, you can make your customers fill a feedback form so you can sieve out certain negative comments that will ruin your business. Use software like Review Dingo to have prompts to remind customers to leave reviews!

  1. Get In Touch With Old Customers

While managing your new customers’ reviews, go back to the old ones too. Reaching out to past customers brings your business back to their mind and lets them know you still appreciate past interactions with your company. This will make them feel satisfied, take this advantage and ask for positive feedbacks and reviews using direct links.

  1. Collecting Your Customer’s Contact Information

People have varieties of preferences in different ways they’d prefer to be reached. Some prefer text messages, phone calls or emails. Collect your customers’ information and ask them how they’d prefer to be reached. When your business has completed a transaction or made a sale with a customer, request they leave a positive review behind. This can be using links through text messages, voice calls, and emails or in any way they prefer. You are 1/3rd of the way to 100 Reviews In 100 Days!


  1. Showcase Your Best Online Reviews On Your Website

You should show how worthy your business is by posting your best reviews on your websites to clear any negative doubt customers or non-customers would have about your business or company. Use unique and beautiful graphics and images to help make visitors checking out your website feel safe.

  1. Be Active On Your Social Media Platforms

Being active on your social media makes people interested in what you have to offer. You can also take advantage of how active you are on social media and also posts your online reviews on your social media page or website. These reviews will build a high level of trust in your business or company. Check out more details about social media management here.


  1. Set Up Alerts To Be Notified Of Any New Reviews Online

Monitor comments and reviews about your business to know what is being said about your business. You can also set up systems that will let you view every new comment and reviews being passed on your website. Effective management will help you stay on top with your customer reviews. This is another thing Review Dingo can help with!

  1. Track Your Employee’s Interactions With Your Customers

Gather many feedbacks from as many customers as you can, this helps you analyze your progress and also know how your employees are treating your customers Monitor what your employees are doing and how they treat your customers.

  1. Give Your Customers Incentives To Leave Positive Reviews

You can also offer your customers incentives to leave positive reviews online. This can also help increase the number of reviews you receive. You can offer a free coupon or free snacks or ticket voucher to show your customers that you value their feedback. Be aware there are legalities to what you can offer. You cannot pay for positive reviews! You are 2/3rd of the way to 100 Reviews In 100 Days!

  1. Ensure You Are Getting Reviews Across All Sites

You should identify where your customers focus on. Check the general list for popular sites as well as local sites so you can know what to offer. Make sure you don’t just focus on the popular sites. Ensure that the locals will also see your business as an option.

  1. Make Sure Your Business Information Is The Same On All Your Directories

The name of your website as well as your address, contact information, email address as well anyway your customers can get in contact with you should correspond on every page. When you are inconsistent about your business listings, your customers get confused about how to reach you thereby making you lose customers and reviews.

  1. Respond To All Your Online Reviews

Responding properly to all reviews on your pages shows how effective you are at managing reviews. Your customers feel important when you take your time to respond and appreciate their reviews. You should also deal with negative comments carefully without letting your emotions rule over your words. Check out our tips here.

  1. Ask Customers Who Leave Positive Reviews Online For Referrals

If its appropriate, reach out to customers who have taken their time to positively post a review about your product and ask them for referrals. You can send emails to customers who have trust in you, thank them for the reviews and ask them to send you referrals. Let them know how much you appreciate their support!


  1. Use Review Dingo Reputation Management Software

Review Dingo enables you to automate the entire review generation process, to help you gain positive reviews and protect your business from negative ones. This highly effective reputation software lets you generate a customer’s feedback and turn positive feedback into online ratings and reviews, as well as prevents bad reviews from being posted on your page.

With these tips, you are well on your way to getting 100 reviews in 100 days. Most consumers rely on reviews to make buying decisions, so you have to ensure you have many positive review about your business online. With these points outlined above, you are guaranteed to get top-notch review that will attract the attention of your prospect and convert them. Therefore, it is a must that you manage your online reviews and by extension your business reputation, if you want to drive traffic to your business and increase your sales.

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