How to Upgrade Your Google Business Listing

As a business owner, your Google business listing also know as Google Business Profile (GBP) plays a huge role in how high your business will be ranked on Google search result pages.

Besides appearing in the search engine results pages; a verified GBP also gives your business some credibility and help you rank higher in results – placing you above all other competitors that do not have an SEO strategy. It also enables prospective clients and customers to easily find your business whenever they need your products or services.

10 Ways to Upgrade Your Google Business Listing 

In addition to giving your business increased credibility, visibility, and exposure, an upgraded Google business listing page also offers you an avenue to provide more information to your prospects, with the hope of securing sales. Outlined below are some of the top ways to upgrade your Google Business Profile, to land more customers.

1. Ensure Correct Details on All Listings

The business name you use on your Google Business Profile should reflect the actual name of your business as your customers know it, and as it is used on your storefront. Details like your business name, address and phone number (NAP) should also be typed correctly on all your listings. Furthermore, use local phone numbers rather than toll-free numbers for each location.

2. Update Your Business Hours Regularly

Another way you can upgrade your Google business listing is to ensure that your business hours are updated with every seasonal, holiday and permanent changes. It is important to always look at your business hours seasonally or every year to make sure that they are in line with your current working hours. Failure to do this can mislead prospective customers. 

3. Verify Your Local Map Pin Location

After verifying your address, take a look at the location on the map and verify that the marker is in the right place. If the marker is not in the right place, you can drag it to the part of the map where your business is located.

4. Select all the Categories That Match Your Business

You can also upgrade your Google business listing by selecting all the categories from the list, which applies to your business. For instance, “Sports Bar” would be more relevant in search results than selecting only “Bar.” Doing this will help Google consider your business as a relevant result for all local searches within that category. However, do not misrepresent or over-reach your business, because Google will notice and might not be too keen on that.

5. Make Use of Individual Practitioners Listings

If your business is a public-facing professional one that deals directly with its customers, your name should be your business name for your Google Business Profile. For such businesses, Google gives you the opportunity to create your personal page, where you can include your degree designations and a title like Dr., Esq., etc. Such businesses include doctors, dentists, lawyers, insurance agents, real estate agents, financial planners, etc.

6. Include Photos

Attaching quality and story-telling photos to your Google business listings can play a huge role in selling your business. Several surveys have shown that in addition to reviews and opening hours, photos have a substantial positive relationship with consumer engagement. Photos of your business location help customers find your business and also build the trust that they need to overcome the fear of the unknown when trying a new business.

7. Post Videos

Google business listing also allows you to post videos to your listing, to give search users a broader view of your business. Your videos can be as long as 30 seconds, and Google permits both business owners and customers to upload them.

8. Google Posts

The Google Posts is a Google My Business feature which allows you to create posts with content that you want to be displayed to your customers whenever they see your business on Google. You can use it to publish your events, services, and products directly to Google search in the Knowledge Panel and Maps section.

9. Google Q & A

Google Q&A allows local business owners, as well as the public, to answer some of the questions asked by search engine users. It can come in helpful in keeping your customers informed, but may require some maintenance on your part to protect your business reputation. It is a new feature which when utilized can keep you ahead of your competition, as most local businesses are not aware of it.

10. Get More Reviews on your Listing

Always encourage your satisfied customers to review your business or service by clicking on “Write a Review” on your business page. Your business will rank higher in local search results when you have more reviews on your business page. Therefore, it will be to your advantage to always ask your customers for feedback and reviews, and also make the process easy for them.


All of these can help upgrade your Google business listing. When you're ready click here to start managing your Google Business Profile. 

One more thing, employing the use of an efficient reputation software, such as Review Dingo can also help optimize your Google Business Profile by streamlining your review process and managing your online reputation. 

With Review Dingo, you will be able to get more positive feedback and reviews from satisfied customers that will help you reach more prospects and convert more leads.

Last Updated on April 4, 2023 by Allen

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