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How to Merge Duplicate Google Business Profiles

woman with duplicate images showing how to merge duplicate Google Business Profiles

How to Merge Duplicate Google Business Profiles: A Comprehensive GuideDuplicate business profiles are a common issue faced by businesses in the local search industry. If you find yourself dealing with duplicate Google Business profiles (GBP), it’s crucial to understand the steps required to merge them effectively. In this short guide, we will walk you through the […]

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Local Business Listings | Improving Online Presence

Birdeye local business listings map showing 870 locations

Local Business Listings | Improving Online PresenceWant to get more customers? Local business listings are the key. They’re what makes it possible for people to find your business, which is the first step in the customer experience (CX) process.It’s super important to keep your local business listings up to date and consistent across the internet. […]

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Cable News Ratings and Their Shocking Reviews

Fox News ratings drop

Cable News and Their Shocking Reviews Image courtesy of The National Pulse Tired of fake news? Don’t know what news source to trust? Most people turn to online reviews to gain insights from other people’s experiences. However, unlike most businesses, cable news ratings and reviews are sheltered from publicly displaying on Google because these networks […]

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How to Upgrade Your Google Business Listing

arrow pointing to Google business listing

How to Upgrade Your Google Business Listing As a business owner, your Google business listing also know as Google Business Profile (GBP) plays a huge role in how high your business will be ranked on Google search result pages. Besides appearing in the search engine results pages; a verified GBP also gives your business some […]

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