Best Growth Marketing Platform For Self-Storage

Growth marketing (also known as growth hacking) is the use of resource-light and cost-effective digital marketing tactics that can help grow your self-storage enterprise. It’s a scalable concept perfect for multi-location storage businesses looking to skyrocket growth and retain customers.

But is this how the most successful self-storage enterprises rose to the top of the prestigious Inside Self-Storage (ISS) Top-Operators List?

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The ISS is one of the most respected organizations in the industry and their annual Top-Operators List is the long-awaited who's-who in the self-storage space.

When our team first looked at the 2022 list, we discovered something very interesting. We noticed several operators at the top of the list were using Review Dingo's platform to handle their customer experience (CX).

To dig deeper, we created a spreadsheet and added green color to the row of each user. Here's a link to the full Google Doc:

Inside Self-Storage (ISS) top-operators list

To our surprise, 9 out of 14 users had made it to the list's Top 30. It gets even better as you move up the list:

  • 9 were in the Top 30 (30%)
  • 4 were in the Top 10 (40%)
  • 2 were in the Top 3 (66%)

We know our customers get great results using our platform but to actually see proof of exactly how well they performed is truly amazing!

The Top 30 companies using Review Dingo's platform for growth marketing are...

  • Extra Space Storage
  • National Storage Affiliates
  • Prime Group Holdings LLC
  • Merit Hill Capital
  • W. P. Carey
  • Morningstar Properties
  • Rosewood Property Co
  • Madison Capital Group LLC
  • Strat Property Management Inc

To understand how National Storage Affiliates who is ranked #3 uses our platform, check out our case study: 

Growth Marketing = High ROI

These companies know the value of excellent CX and that investments in CX over time pay big dividends. A recent study in Forbes magazine said...

  • Customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than companies that don’t focus on customers.
  • Brands with superior customer experience bring in 5.7 times more revenue than competitors that lag in customer experience.
  • 84% of companies that work to improve their customer experience report an increase in their revenue.

Choosing a broad-based platform that's modeled on the CX Flywheel is essential if you want to succeed. There are many platforms that specialize in specific areas of CX but lack the holistic approach needed to achieve superior results.

To learn more about the CX Flywheel method, check out our newly revised guide posted on LinkedIn: How Customer Experience Can Turn Your Enterprise Into The Ferrari Of Self-Storage.

We understand there are many other factors that contribute to the success of a self-storage enterprise. Still, these Top-Operators know that improving their customer journey has to play a major role in their success.

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