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5 Ways to Manage Reviews for a Dental Practice

5 Ways to Manage Reviews for a Pediatric Dental Practice

Last Updated on March 14, 2023 by Allen Why is it important to manage reviews? Business owners tend to forget that it takes one negative review to make or break their reputation. Dentists are no different. Positive online dentist reviews might encourage other people to visit your dental practice, while negative reviews might make you […]

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How to Respond to Positive Reviews

businessman showing how to respond to positive reviews

How to Respond to Positive ReviewsThere is nothing more gratifying than receiving a good review. It means that you have delivered a good service and fulfilled your main purpose – customer satisfaction. For all intents and purposes, your work should be done, but have you ever asked yourself if you should respond to positive reviews?Yes, […]

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Customer Experience Marketing and Why it’s Important

Review Dingo mascot providing customer experience marketing tips

Customer Experience Marketing and Why it’s ImportantCustomer experience marketing is a buzzword in the online marketing world; but what is it? Customer experience (CX) marketing is an online marketing strategy that prioritizes the customer journey. The aim of the practice is to make consumers engage with a product or service.The purpose of providing customers with […]

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