Social Media vs. Customer Expectations: Are You Falling Behind?

Many businesses have a problem when it comes to understanding social media customer expectations... what their customers want from them and their social media presence.

woman sitting behind a desk pondering her social media customer expectations

Customers don’t want a person to person interaction because that is already offered by their friends, instead, they want a company that is helpful, professional and whose services they can rely on. Here are some of the things that people are looking for within your social presence.

Provide tangible value

Unlike the relationship they have with their friends, the interaction that users have with you should be based on mutual benefit. Potential customers offer you a way into their lives, and in return you need to offer them something tangible.

Be it discounts, promotions or anything similar, this is one of the main reasons why people like companies on social media, so you should definitely devise a strategy that focuses on what specials you can offer.

This is very important to do and you will find that results will be amazing! As long as you offer financial value to the customer, this is all that matters to a prospective buyer.

Don’t intrude

Understanding social media customer expectations can be a little tricky. Companies are always expected to speak only from time to time on social media, so you should avoid being way too responsive to social media questions. If you are asked for an opinion or help you should definitely answer, but other than that you shouldn’t talk unless you are invited into the conversation.

Fast response

Fast response is definitely a necessity because people always expect this. Try to respond within an hour after they ask a question. Sure, this is setting the bar very high for most companies, but still, you should try and respond as fast as you possibly can, especially if you see that a customer has complaints or issues with your services.


Make it easy for them to get what they want

Providing your users with an easy way to access the information they want will not only make them happy but getting them to the information they need a lot faster will create customer satisfaction. This definitely meets social media customer expectations.

You should always try to make yourself reachable as fast as possible, so try to post your contact information, open hours, address, phone numbers and so on. You shouldn’t just link to the site, instead offer as much info as possible to inspire trust and generate more sales for your company.

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