Birdeye vs Podium vs Reputation | Which is best? 

Why do a Birdeye vs Podium vs Reputation comparison?

Well, you love your business. Right? You'd do anything to make it better, improve the way it operates, and make it more profitable. So it only makes sense to search for the best online reputation management software on the market to improve your customer experience (CX).

I've been in your shoes, because over the years I've tested many reputation management platforms and this article reveals the one I choose and why.

Two businessmen looking at a computer screen showing reputation management software and comparing Birdeye vs Podium vs Reputation

Back then things were pretty basic and most reputation management software focused primarily on review generation.

Fast forward to today and you'll be amazed at all the advanced features included in top-rated CX platforms. In fact, there are so many features that it can be overwhelming trying to choose the best one.

Luckily, there are a lot of software review sites out there that can steer you in the right direction. One of my favorites is G2 Crowd because they are one of the most reputable and base their findings on user experience. So naturally it's what I've used to write this article.

So who's number one on the G2 Crowd list? It's Birdeye and in this article, I explain why we partnered with them so many years ago.

Why we partnered with Birdeye 

Okay, I might be a little biased in writing this review.

Not because we're one of Birdeye's largest partners offering single, multi-location, and reseller accounts.

And not because we have been with them since the very beginning and watched their rapid growth in this space.

Birdeye 2021 awards when comparing Birdeye vs Podium vs Reputation

Or even the fact that G2 Crowd ranks Birdeye as the #1 Online Reputation Management Software on the internet. It's because Birdeye was the obvious choice for these 3 reasons.

Firstly, their accomplishments are off the charts. They won G2 Crowd's Leader Award in Online Reputation Management in the Enterprise, Mid-Market and Small Business segments.

They also won the Leader Award in Enterprise Feedback Management and Live Chat and a High Performer Award in Surveys. Birdeye is also placed in the top 100 best software companies in the world!

Secondly, they're the most broad-based CX platform in the industry turning touchpoints into a powerful CX Flywheel

Birdeye CX Flywheel diagram

Their suite of products includes review monitoring, review generation, review marketing, referrals, messaging, customer surveys, social listening, social publishing, social engagement, customer support ticketing, listings management, web chat, business insights, and competitive benchmarking. 

This comprehensive range of offerings is unmatched by any of it's competitors, and no other company managed to place this high in all of these different categories at the same time.

Thirdly, Birdeye helps all types of businesses including some of the most successful self-storage enterprises in the industry to manage their online reputation. Many of these companies have hundreds of locations.

Companies like Extra Space Storage, National Storage Affiliates, and Prime Storage all use Birdeye for growth marketing ranking in the Top 10 of the Inside Self-Storage Top Operators List. In fact 10 of the Top 30 use Birdeye to manage their online reputation.

The BIG three: Birdeye vs Podium vs Reputation

Let's talk a little bit about Birdeye alternatives. Out of G2 Crowd's Top 20 online reputation management software under review, there are only two that come close, Podium which is ranked #2 and to a lesser extent, which is ranked #3. Let's take a closer look at why Birdeye is a better choice. 

screenshot of G2 Crowds top 3 experience marketing software platforms

Top 7 reasons why you should choose Birdeye over Podium

Both Birdeye and Podium do a pretty good job managing single locations. However, when it comes to managing multi-location enterprises, Birdeye really shines. In my opinion, Podium is better suited for single-location businesses. 

However, there are other reasons to choose Birdeye over Podium no matter how many locations you have. 

1. Text sent = Growth delivered

Turn conversations into conversions. Only with Birdeye Messaging can you connect with new leads and customers via text, Google, Facebook, and Instagram from anywhere on your dashboard.

Podium is a limited customer interaction tool.

2. Get customer referrals

Birdeye offers businesses the ability to automatically send referral requests to customers.

These requests make it easy for customers to recommend your business to friends and family via Facebook, Facebook Messenger, text, and email.

Podium offers no options for customer referrals.

3. Customers rate Birdeye as the best software

Customer reviews posted on third-party software review sites consistently rate Birdeye over Podium. Birdeye has won the #1 online reputation management award 10 straight times from G2 Crowd.

The awards speak for themselves: customers prefer Birdeye over Podium. They all agree the Birdeye platform is easier to use and gets better results.

4. Rank higher with business listings

Birdeye offers a listings management product that allows you to fix your listings on more than 50 sites with just a click of a button.

Podium’s software offers no service to help you fix or manage your business listings.

Birdeye business listings when comparing Birdeye vs Podium vs Reputation

5. More search visibility with custom profiles

Birdeye offers custom business profiles that are optimized for search engines and include webchat to engage with customers. These pages rank high in search results and appear in the Google Knowledge Panel, which leads to more clicks and more traffic.

Podium does not offer custom business profiles.

6. Share online reviews on your social media and website

Only Birdeye allows you to automatically share your customer reviews across social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and on your company website.

Podium does not offer automatic social sharing and their review widget is available only upon request.

7. Improve CX with advanced insights and surveys

Birdeye gives you fully-customizable customer surveys to help collect feedback. Birdeye’s award-winning Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine Athena provides advanced insights into what your customers are talking about in their reviews.

Podium offers a very basic version of surveys with limited customization and only offers a basic version of NLP insights.

5 reasons why you should choose Birdeye over Reputation 

Now that we've done Birdeye vs Podium, let's do Birdeye vs Reputation.

Reputation or also referred to as is ranked #3 on G2 Crowd. So the obvious question is why should you settle for 3rd best when you can have the #1 best solution? 

That said here are some other reasons why you might want to choose Birdeye over

1. Birdeye is the #1 review solution

Birdeye is the best-rated software for collecting reviews in the industry. The platform has won several awards, been ranked #1 in online reputation multiple times, and has over 90,000 happy customers. is a limited review management tool and does not compare with Birdeye when it comes to collecting reviews. In fact, they struggle even to get reviews from their own customers on Google.

2. Text sent = Growth delivered 

Birdeye is the best at converting prospects into leads. Birdeye's Messaging allows you to connect with new leads and customers via text, Google, Facebook, and Instagram from anywhere on your dashboard creating an omnichannel communication strategy.

3. does not offer customer referrals

Birdeye enables your customers to spread the word about your business easily by sending automated texts or emails to all your customers. All they need to do to refer your business on social media, Facebook Messenger, text, or email is to click a button. does not offer tools to help you collect customer referrals.

Two business men talking about Birdeye referral program

4. Businesses of all sizes prefer Birdeye

Birdeye serves businesses of all sizes from single to multi-locations. Third-party reviews show that the platform works great for everyone. Birdeye has won the award for #1 online reputation software in G2 multiple times based on reviews from thousands of real businesses. limits itself to only serving multi-location businesses. Also, loses to Birdeye in both the SMB and mid-market segments on G2 Crowd.

5. Birdeye offers custom business profiles for SEO

Birdeye offers custom business profiles that are optimized for search engines. These profiles often show up high in search results and display in the Google local knowledge panel as well. does not offer custom business profiles.

Birdeye vs Podium vs Reputation winner 

Like I said from the beginning, this software review of Birdeye vs Podium vs Reputation will be on the bias side but please don't shoot the messenger. I'm only going by my own experience over the years and those hundreds of other users who left their feedback on G2 Crowd. 

That said, the winner of the best online reputation software is Birdeye!

If this is something you think could help your business, 
contact me for more details, I'm always happy to help.

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